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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Week of Tastes with year 3/4

What an exciting two days we have had in year 3/4

Our class was able to participate in the Week of Tastes Program that is open to schools Australia wide!
The aim of the program is to take the students through a series of fun exercises to:
·       Enrich their vocabulary by creating a new lexicon for taste

·       Discover how all 5 senses are used to appreciate food

·       Teach them how to discern sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami
·       Develop a positive attitude towards tasting new foods

·       Encourage curiosity, thinking and analytical skills when eating
After we had experienced a lesson that explored the use of our senses during a variety of tasting activities, which included the students wearing blindfolds, we then had a local food professional visit us. We were lucky to have Daniel Leeson from the Coal River Farm, who bought some lovely treats for us to sample and talk to us about working in the food industry. 
The students enjoyed sampling his different hot chocolates, which included a chili, Cinnamon and plain,  hot chocolate and also some lovely Pate De Fruits. 
We are hoping to visit the farm during term 4 and take part in picking some of our own fruits and sampling more of what the farm has to offer!
The Farm officially opens on Monday and I would highly recommend the farm for a lovely weekend outing for families. 
To find out more information about the farm, the link has been provided on this post. 

Laura Ferguson 
Year 3/4 Teacher 

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